As a visual person, I’ve always learned and enjoyed more from visually displayed information than long, dense passages or tables of data.  Sadly, much of the information available in this ‘information age’ is either un-sourced web-rumor, or valid data that’s too dense to make sense of, and, at best, simple but misleading charts.  I’d like to correct that.

As I’ve always loved digging for information, learning how it fits together, and juxtaposing it visually this is a natural path for a blog for me.  One inspiration is Edward Tufte’s, The Visual Display of Information – an amazing book that you might enjoy picking up one day.

Erotetic will provide original graphic representations of data with sources indicated and linked where possible.  It’s goal is to help people see situations rather than just hear about them … and start spirited discussion along the way.

By the way, you may reuse these images for non-commercial use all you like, just remember to attribute Erotetic.com. Here are the rules, in a wonderfully simple, visual form:


For commercial use, please contact me first.

I hope you enjoy it and I will enjoy hearing from you!


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